O silencioso canto das aves migratórias

O silencioso canto das aves migratórias

quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2011

End of afternoon.

♥ A very nice and poetic text about one of my pictures ♥
Many thanks to the author, Sao Goncalves
and to ♥ Marie Narses ♥ for her traduction from french to english

It is the end of an afternoon like any other, bodies relax from the tiredness of the day. The sun waves goodbye and surrounds the bodies, in the sweetness colors which slowly cross the senses. There is no hurry, I slowly walk along my riverside, contemplating the people, their senses, their fears in their tired body, I don't want to see their face, I prefer the shadows on the ground. There is an invisible portrait, there is a soul which reflect itseft, and steps which move in the nostalgia of an autumn afternoon.
And the golden river looks at me...as though this river was the only one to have this golden gift, this gift of a perfect wedding between the sun at the end of the afternoon and the waters of a river which already comes to the mouth. This is a river already freed from the fights, it is only a river ready to arrive in the sea. The wind delicately blows, people lost in their own steps forget all the sadness and go away from the city
São Goncalves

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